Berliner Interdisziplinärer Osteologie-Tag

Visit the advanced training Berliner Interdisziplinärer Osteologie-Tag at the Charité. Expect an interesting program with many facets from the field of osteoporosis. It is also a good opportunity to learn more about new exciting data from POROUS. Meet us there to discuss! View the program here: Berliner Interdisziplinärer Osteologie-Tag

ASBMR Annual Meeting

October 13-16, 2023 – Vancouver, BC / Canada The ASBMR Annual Meeting is the world’s largest and most diverse meeting in the bone, mineral and musculoskeletal research field …. Read more: attracting more than 2,000 attendees from more than 60 countries, including clinicians and researchers, representing all career levels and specializing in a variety of […]

PSP Conference 2023

October 9-10  2023 – Potsdam / Germany We are looking forward to the PSP Conference 2023 in the Potsdam Science Park. Brandenburg’s largest science park and growing business location to learn about latest research cooperations, innovative pioneering work and pilot projects, as well as the opportunity to initiate future collaborations. Our CEO Dr. Julia Eschenbrenner […]

MuSkITYR Symposium

6.-7. November 2023 – Hannover / Germany The next meeting of the MuSkITYR (MusculoSkeletal Interdisciplinary Translational Young Researchers) is a community organised by young scientists for the next generation of musculoskeletal researchers. We are happy to support this event of young scientists and to give a lecture there.


22.-24. June 2023 – Salzburg / Austria Booth 30


16.-17. May 2023 – Berlin / Germany