Engineering Working Student

Mission & Company Introduction:

Porous, a pioneering healthcare technology company founded in 2021, is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of osteoporosis. Leveraging our innovative quantitative ultrasound (QUS) technology and intelligent algorithms, Porous offers a non-invasive solution for assessing cortical bone quality at a microscopic level. Our groundbreaking approach revolutionizes the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis, making a significant impact on healthcare. At Porous, we foster a culture of innovation, curiosity, and flexibility.

Position Overview:

We are currently seeking a talented working student with a background in Engineering or a related field. This role offers an exceptional opportunity to work on various aspects of software and hardware development in the medical device industry. As a member of our team, you will contribute to implementing new ultrasound measurement methods, programming hardware, and real-time image reconstruction. Additionally, you will be involved in hardware development, including the creation of simple electric circuits with microcontrollers, setting up experimental stations, and assembling ultrasonic systems. This position provides invaluable exposure to the early developmental stages of medical device creation, spanning software and hardware development, data management, and regulatory affairs.

The position is available as a working student position (10 or 20 hours per week), an internship, or a thesis.

Ultrasound Bone Measurement


  • Develop software routines for medical ultrasound technologies
  • Optimize and enhance analysis routines
  • Contribute to ultrasound algorithm development
  • Support production and manufacturing processes
  • Engage in 3D printing and prototyping activities
  • Assist in electronic circuit development
  • Contribute to database management and data security


  • Currently pursuing studies in computer science or a comparable field with a strong academic track record
  • Proficiency in high-level programming languages
  • Keen interest in systems design involving real-time applications
  • Enthusiasm for learning new technologies, taking on exciting projects, and assuming responsibility

Are You Interested?

You want to join a company where the future is created and gain practical experience at an early stage in addition to your studies? Then a start in our development team at POROUS is just right for you. 

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